Teacher Training

The Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center (SRDC) is offering Language Foundations, an Orton-gillingham based, comprehensive, balanced approach to the basics of language arts instruction in the elementary classroom. The comprehensive curriculum includes: phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, and spelling and can be used with any basal reading program.

The curriculum delivers the complete range of phonemic awareness activities and the forty-four sounds and ninety-eight spellings of the English language in a sequential, multisensory, repetitive, spiraling approach. The nine sectins of the daily lesson can be delivered in 40-45 minutes. Each lesson includes a decodable story for fluency devleopment with comprehension questions. Teachers will learn multisensory methods for teaching decoding, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammer, and composition that can be integrated within existing language arts curricula as well as systematic, structured, sequential and discovery-based instructional techniques. Language Foundations is well aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TBS) for English Language Arts and Reading and can be used for Tier 1, 2, or 3 instruction.

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